The center you will attend will be a privately operated entity, therefore the student must respect the etiquette imposed by the presiding surgeon or senior Doctor/manager.
Students must reflect the dignity of the practice by presenting a conservative, smartly dressed demeanor (Jeans, unwashed or untidy hair, dirty nails or chipped varnish, obvious facial piercings, etc are taboo).  The student will be expected to wear freshly laundered surgical clothing during procedures.
Students are there to observe and learn, the practice is essentially the surgeon’s domain. Questions should only be addressed to the senior doctor at convenient times out of the hearing of patients.
Students must not under any circumstances offer advice or opinions to patients.
Students must never discuss a patient’s diagnosis, condition or treatment other than in private with the surgeon or senior doctor.


Subject to the performance of the course and at the Institute Committees discretion a candidate may be invited to attend an examination which will consist of:
An extensive Viva (verbal questions and answers exam) –  based exclusively on the individual student’s coursework.
Confirmation of the examinee’s knowledge, ability, and efficiency in clinical procedures and the routine duties surrounding the management of clinical practice will have preceded this examination.
These examinations may take place as required throughout the year.
There will be a written examination for the diploma and pg diploma courses.

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