We all age as we grow older. Anti-aging medicines or creams are to reduce
the aging rate or slow down the process Of aging. Anti-aging cream / lotion
are basically moisturized based cosmeceuticals skincare product which
contains specific ingredients claimed to have anti-aging properties example
Retinoids, Epidermal growth factor, Alpha hydroxy acid, peptides, Co Q 10.
Antioxidants,  Sunscreen and Vitamin C. In anti-aging you can see the following
signs such as sagging, wrinkles, photoaging, pigmentation, solar elastosis,
abnormal growth, uneven texture of the skin,  premature aging. We can
prevent or slow down these signs by having healthy food. Vitamins and
minerals play a vital role in Anti-aging medicine. Green tea, olive oil, dark
chocolate, avocado, vegetables, flax seeds, pomegranates, tomatoes, etc are
good antioxidants and having good anti-aging properties.

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